Siri Carlén doesn’t see anything she dislikes in particular. It all blends together in an everyday parade of socks, wine bottles and table cloths. Here is a random selection of pieces presented: soulsearched and outlined with crayon on paper. Dead things, really, that glow with the charm that only true worship of the vernacular can endow.

Siri Carlén - Artist and illustrator

Her work is often described as tactile, playful, dynamic and colorful. Characteristics that clearly reflect her personality too. In her work there are clear traces of the production itself, the material, brush strokes and the human hand's imprint. Siri often works with living materials such as pastel, ink, paint and brush.

Since graduating from Konstfack 2015, Siri works full time as an full time artist and illustrator and her work consists of a large variety of assignments in both commercial and artistic contexts. In addition to drawing, she works with patterns and textiles, packaging illustration, advertising campaigns and hand painted murals, shop- and restaurant interiors and windows. 

Photography: Märta Thinner

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