Group menu

Herb baked char with chellfish vinaigrette, tender baked leek and garden pea mashHerb baked char with chellfish vinaigrette, tender baked leek and garden pea mashRestaurant Långa Raden Event Menu 655 SEK


Cauliflower, garden beans and truffle with roasted hazelnuts and deep-fried onion

Crab meat and smokes salmon, cucumber, horseradish, apple, red onion and mayonnaise

White fish roe with präst cheese royal, Smetana, red onion, chives and lemon

Grilled dry aged sirloin with onion, bacon, green beans and crispy Jerusalem artichoke

Main courses

Pointer cabbage filled with root vegetables, barley and Skeppsholms mustard served with baked parsnip and mushrooms broth

                  Steamed lightly salted cod with browned butter foam, spicy carrots, kale and lemon

Grilled artic char with creamed mushrooms, dill and crayfish

Panfried sirloin of lamb and herb filld brisket with salt baked beetroots, champignons and creamy wheat

Roasted reindeer, lingon berries gravy, savoy cabbage, pure of selleriac and potato cake


"Captains dessert" vanilla parfait with pickled ginger and dark roasted coffee beans

Cloudberries, Mazarin, vanilla yoghurt, meringue

Forrest berries, frozen raspberries mousse, blueberry foam, minth and blackberry marmalade

Baked dark chocolate with black currant ice cream and spicy pear

Please choose the same menu for the whole party and let us know if someone has any special dietary requirements. Our kitchen will cook a suitable menu for them. All prices are including VAT.

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