Christmas at Hotel Skeppsholmen

At Hotel Skeppsholmen we are celebrating the Swedish gastronomic heritage by emphasizing way materials and crafts when we great this year´s Christmas table. 

The range of drinks also reflects Swedish flavors, everything from our schnapps the spicy Admiral Fleming to selected beers from local breweries.

This year, you will enjoy the delights of Christmas in a new way on Skeppsholmen, adapted to the Swedish Health authority´s recommedations. Instead of setting the traditional Christmas buffet, this  year Christmas table will be served  directly at the table in different servings. In six servings, we select our favourites from the Christmas table and serve them beautifully arranged in smaller portions. Some servings come in the form of a mini buffet on the table, while others are served directly on a plate. The Christmas dinner is of course inaugurated with a warming amis in the form of kale soup with crispy bacon. Of course, we also have extra careful hygiene routines and take measure to ensure social distancing.

First serving our herring serving which consists of Three different kind of herring and two different kinds of Baltic herring with Classic sieds such as chives, red onion and sour cream.

Second serving our homemade Salomon pâtés on seafood with butler sauce and dill mayonnaise.

Third serving Christmas ham with red cabbage and Skeppsholms mustard, our smoked lamb roast beef and duck terrine with green pepper and orange.

Fourth serving Jansson´s temptation, our meatballs, sausage, kale, honey- and ginger baked pork ribs.

Fifth serving Swedish farm cheeses with jam, nuts and seed biscuits.

Sixth serving Vanilla rice with sauce and orange salad, chocolate mousse, cinnamon and cardamon pudding, bread pudding and chocolate truffels.

For those who want vegetarian serving, we want to know two days in advance.

This years Christmas dinner is served from November 27th to December 24th. Prices from 495 SEK to 795 SEK and 995 SEK on Christmas Eve. Book:

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