Christmas at Hotel Skeppsholmen

This year, you will enjoy the delights of Christmas in a new way at Hotel Skeppsholmen. Instead of the traditional Christmas table buffet, this year's Christmas inspired 3-course dinner will be served directly at the table.

Join us as we celebrate the Swedish gastronomic heritage by emphasizing the ingredients in our Christmas inspired menu. The drinks also reflects Swedish flavors, try everything from our homemade schnapps, the spicy Admiral Fleming, to selected beers from local breweries.


Herring and salmon serving with 3 different kinds of herring, smoked rainbow trout and Gravlax

Roast of venison with brussels sprouts, creamed ceps and Hasselbacks potatoes

Grande dessert with christmas classics

Coffe sweets

For those who want a vegetarian serving, we kindly ask you to inform us two days in advance.

This year’s Christmas dinner is served from November 27th to December 24th. 

Prices 625:- 

Price Christmast Eve 895:-


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