On a  lush island in the middle of the bustling city lies a more than 300-year-old house. A building from 1699 with an exciting historic background, all made out of recycled material from old buildings and ruins around Sweden. Our history meets the modern decoration by Stockholm-based architects Claesson Koivisto Rune. This rural setting is the home of award-winning Hotel Skeppsholmen, a modern and eco-friendly hot spot situated on the waterfront. Hotel Skeppsholmen is a place to reload your batteries, at a quiet, yet central location. Our hotel combines a historic landmark with the very best of contemporary Swedish cuisine, art, design, fashion, and music. Hotel Skeppsholmen is Eco-labeled, a member of Design Hotels aswell a proud partner to the Museum of Modern Art, Operkällaren Foundation, and Project Playground. Together, with my colleagues, we aim to give you an amazing experience! 

Welcome to Hotel Skeppsholmen!

Joachim Olausson, Managing Director

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